Meet  The Awesome Café 1 Team

The Journey from Mechanic to Chef

Chef Juan

For over 10 years Juan served in U.S. Military as light/heavy wheeled mechanic with pride and honor and multiple deployments overseas. Unfortunately, during one deployment he suffered injuries which ended his military career. Shortly after that he developed severe food allergies that has since prevented him from eating any unknown products without worrying about a possible trip to the ER. So, Juan had to make everything from scratch so that he knew each ingredient. Over time, Juan realized that this connection with the ingredients was something he really connected with; he had found his "calling".


Thus was the emerging of a new passion!

Chef Juan enjoys experimenting with chemical reactions from different ingredients, as well as flavor profiles in both culinary cuisines, baking, and pastries. With his sensitive palate and drive for perfection, he only creates beautiful and tasty products.


Chef Juan received a Bachelor's degree in Culinary Management from The International Culinary School at the Art Institute.

Cafe1by Chef Juan,storefront/retail shop is opened in October 2017. With Sous Chef Esmeralda assisting him, they are able to turn your vision into beautiful, unique work of art cake.



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*Please notify us if there are any food allergies

Sous Chef Esmeralda

Esmeralda joined Café 1 team in November 2017 after moved to Texas from Chicago. With her positive and eager to learn attitude, she went from a Baker Assistance to Chef Juan's Sous Chef / Right Hand Person. Sous Chef Esmeralda shown much promising future as a cake artist and still continue to learn new skills from Chef Juan.