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Decorated Cookies are little pieces of art and not mass produced. Custom cookies can be pricier than the average cookie because they are labor intensive. There are many, many steps to creating them. Starting with making the dough from scratch, outlining the shape/design, and hand cutting each individual cookie before finally being put to bake. Each cookie design is hand drawn, painted, and color layered with fresh royal icing. The average set of cookies can take hours or even days from start to finish. Put all of this together and you have a custom ordered, beautifully decorated set of cookies created just for you!

Minimum 1 dozen per order. 

Basic shapes and designs – $39.00 and up per dozen 

Edible print: Logo / Photo – $45.00 and up per dozen. 

Custom character / Theme – $47.00 and up per dozen.  

Extra Large cookies (over 4-inches) – $51.00 and up 



Here are examples and prices for similar designs..

Final cookie prices vary depending on size, the complexity of design and personalization. Because there are many options for your order, please contact us to discuss options and pricing. ​

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