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French Macaron $1.95 each

(naturally gluten free) has an almond, sugar and egg whites-based shell. The shells have a light, crunchy texture on the outside and are slightly chewy on the inside. These shells are held together by a filling, typically made from buttercream, chocolate ganache, or fruit preserve 

**Some flavor choices will be consider as specialty, will cost extra and minimum 6 per specialty flavor . 


Cupcake-with macarons or special decors, additional fee apply

Mini: $1.25 each 

Standard: $2.15 each

Red Velvet: $2.30

Italian Cream, and Carrot: $2.50

Rum Cupcake: $3.25

Gluten Free or Sugar Free: $2.75 with minimum of 6 per order.

Cake Ball  $1.95 each (standard decors)

Linzer Cookies $1.40 each

(choices of Raspberry, Strawberry, Apricot, or Blueberry filled)


~~This is just the standard menu . If you have any item that is not listed here, feel  free to contact us. 

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