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Whole Pie

9" standard round pie pan size

All our pies are made fresh to order, we do not keep fruits in stock to

ensure the freshness of the product.

Please allow at least 1 week notice, also depending on our custom order schedule to allowing us plan and shop the ingredients fresh.

Apple $28.00

Banana Cream $18.00

Blueberry $28.00

Buttermilk/Chess $15.00

Chocolate Cream $18.00

Key Lime Tart (topped with whipped cream)$20.00

Lemon Tart (topped with whipped cream)  $20.00

Peach $18.00

Pumpkin $15.00

Pecan (baked with pecan street rum) $28.00

Tripler Berries (Strawberry,Raspberry,Blueberry) $28.00


~~This is just some of our popular pies.

If you have any item that is not listed here, feel  free to contact us. Chef Juan is a professional trained culinary chef and able to create almost anything you are looking for.

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