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CUSTOM CAKES are not cheap. Nothing that is custom made is. You cannot expect to get a cake that takes hours and sometimes days to make and pay Grocery Store prices. All Cakes are made fresh from scratch here in Cafe 1, nothing is

pre-made or frozen - this include all fillings and buttercream by using quality ingredients and REAL butter, no filler, no shorting, just the real thing.


Majority of our edible colors, especially any metallic, gold, and silver colors are special ordered from Europe, UK, or Australia due to their strict FDA regulation; if it's labeled "edible" there, it means it is SAFE for use on any edible product. (try to search for edible gold color that is made in USA, because of its loophole, even it is labeled "edible" but there is a fine print of "no recommend for consuming". As long as you don't eat too much of it, it is safe, But is it really?) We treat our clients like our family, you are the one that is keeping us going. We want to make sure what we use are truly safe as it should be.

This is just a standard menu, Café 1 team is capable creating almost anything you are searching for, please contact us for detail. Thank you for your consideration and we loo forward to turn your ideas into beautiful and amazing edible art.                                                                


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